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Stationery Components

Our product gamut finds a wide range of applications in packing various stationary components of varied sizes and shapes with simplicity in change over for different items. These pack the items in a reliable and durable air seal pack that keeps the products safe from any damage. The machines have a large conveyor and the controls allow up to 25 different machine set-ups making it a versatile product, highly suitable for packaging a range of stationery components.

Our products are widely used in packaging stationery components like Pencils, Ball point pens, Sketches, etc.

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Pencil Packaging

VK Engineering packaging machines are trusted for the safe handling of stationary while packaging. The Pencil packing machine has internal drives that has the power to perform packing at higher frequency. The machine gives flexibility of packaging the pencils in boards or plastic bags.

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Ballpoint Pen Packaging

The Ballpoint Pen Packaging machine is ready engineered for perfection in packaging. In collaboration with stationery manufacturers across India and Globally we have developed a product that packages ballpoint perfectly in lesser time.

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Sketch Pen Packaging

Sketch Pen Packaging is done in thick material plastics, handling which is a challenge during packaging process. VK engineering’s packaging machinery is perfected in handling both the packaged and packaging material with perfection.

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