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Flow wrapping machines are highly useful in encapsulating small medical pills to various sized operation gloves in the medical and pharmaceutical industry in an air tight pack. Our flow wrap and flow pack machines are highly suitable for packaging round, square or rectangular products and are suitable to pack the liquid capsules and other pills in a hygienic packaging. Food grade lugs are used in the machinery making it safe for the use in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Our product is widely used in packing various medical equipments and medicines like Cotton bandage rolls, Test tubes, Medical container, Fluid sets, Face mask, Sanitary napkins, Mosquito coils, etc.

Bandage roll packing machines exporter

Cotton Bandage Roll Packing

The high quality range of Cotton & Bandage Rolls Packaging Machine, that we manufacture, export and supply finds extensive application for packing a variety of solid products of different shapes and sizes. These cotton roll packaging machines have electro-mechanical drive and

Test tube packing machine manufacturer

Test Tube Packaging

The Test Tube Packaging machine facilitates instant automated filling of test tube. Thus a lot of time is saved from trying to do manual test tube filling and similar product packaging requirements. The machine is engineered perfectly to the varying requirements concerning

Medical container packaging manufacturer

Medical Container Packaging

VK Engineering is a worldwide supplier of standard and custom drug and pharmaceutical packaging machinery. The machine has certain distinct features such conveniently modelled pallets, external aluminum frames, servo-motors, combined circuit boards and controls .

IV fluid set packaging machine exporter

Iv Fluid Set Packing

Extreme precaution is taken for the packaging of intravenous fluids since they have a large capacity to react. The IV Fluid Packaging machinery ensures a smooth packaging such that there is no possibility of external contamination or internal damage due to excessive tight

Face mask packaging machine manufacturer

Face Mask Packaging

The Facial Mask Packaging machine has Dual motors and transducer control, besides an additional PLC controller, adjustable bag length cutting, operational assistance saving time and films. Also the machine has an auto failure fix function and clear error display thus helping

Sanitary napkin packaging machine exporter

Sanitary Napkin Packaging

We have the technological and infrastructural capability to design and manufacture a comprehensive variety of Horizontal Flow Sanitary Napkin Packaging Machine. This machines come under the broad category of Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine. Our horizontal flow Sanitary

Coil packing machines exporter

Mosquito Coil Packing

The mosquito coil packaging machinery supports all types of packaging like B.O.P.P, LD Polyester, Aluminum Foiled etc. in pillow packs. The machine serves medium - to high - production automated non- shrink- packaging solutions for the mosquito coils used widely in the

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